5 Reasons Why I Love Teaching – And You Should Too

5 Reasons Why I Love Teaching – And You Should Too

Being a teacher can be a tough job. Not only do you have to be educated on the subject that you’re teaching, such as English or Math, but you also have to be able to handle the sometimes rowdy students.

Constant interruptions, messy classrooms, and uncompleted homework assignments are regular occurrences for a teacher.

But being a teacher does have an upside.

The good times far outweigh the bad times when it comes to being a teacher. Here are 5 reasons why I love teaching – and you should too.

1. Helping A Student Become the Best They Can Be

There’s an intrinsic reward that comes with being a teacher. When you see the progression of a student who started out as being unmotivated, a little untamed and not necessarily the brightest kid in the class – to a student who’s eager to learn, focused and the top of a class; this progression gives being a teacher a meaning.

Ultimately, my job is to mold a student to be the best they can be. When this is achieved, the intrinsic rewards begin to show, and all of a sudden being a teacher becomes worth it.

2. I Can Be MYself While I’m Teaching

Teaching gives me a way that I can be myself – a form of self-expression. When you’re teaching, you can be who you are, whether you’re humorous, quirky, or a little old-fashioned, teaching is a creative outlet that allows you to bring your personality to life. Not only does this make it fun for myself, but the students tend to connect with me on a deeper level, which leads to a more constructive learning experience.

3. I Am A Role Model For My Students  

When the students and I connect on a deeper level, it’s not uncommon that they’ll come to me for matters outside of just learning. They’ll want my recognition, attention, and confirmation – which I happily give to them. Since I know that I want the best for my students, this means that I can be a positive role model for them that encourages them to be good students that’re optimistic, confident, and self-reliant.

4. It Keeps Me Educated

You can’t give what you don’t have, and you can’t teach what you know nothing about.

Since my job is to educate students, that means I myself have to be educated first. I love learning, the progression of knowing something that I previously knew nothing of, and the benefits that learning has on the brain’s growth and development is tremendous.

5. It Brings Excitement to My Life

There’s always something interesting going on when you’re a teacher – whether it’s a musical event that your students are participating in, a school play, or parent-teacher interviews. This constant change of events brings constant excitement to my life, and there’s always something new that’s going to happen.

These 5 reasons are why I love being a teacher. Yes, you do have the bad days where the students are rowdy and disruptive – but every job has bad days. Because I know that I can influence my students to grow up and be educated, positive, confident people – this is why I love teaching.

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